Hewu fellow yiffers x3

My name is Alex, but you can call me TenKelly :3

I specialise at NSFW furry/yiff art and animations.


TenKelly's Art

Hewu fellow yiffers x3

My name is Alex, but I like being called TenKelly.

I specialise at NSFW furry/yiff artwork.

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Beware NSFW artwork!



Basic Stuff

1/6 How to Order?

- If you want to order a commission from me, text me either on my Discord (preferably) or Telegram.

- Ordering from me requires you to be over 18 years old, since most of my artwork is NSFW.

- I have no way of verify that, so by commissioning from me, I take no further responsibility in this regard.

- When texting me, just say hi and ask if I'm open for commissions. I will ask for the rest.

- I have full right declining your commission, and any steps during the commission that I would personally see as hurtful to the quality of my work, as I post every single artwork I make.

- This ofcourse is on both sides to consultate. I'm always open for any imput during the art process. I myself will do my best to deliver the best of me on any commission.

2/6 Payment

- Payment is due after the sketch is to your final liking, then commission is paid in full price.

- Exception being animations. First half after basic sketches, the second half after I animate the sketch.

- I accept payments via PayPal only. I will provide a payment link after sketch phase in finnished.

- Payment and all prices listed are in US Dollars.

- If you are unsure about the amount from converting currency is correct, please feel free to double check it with me before payment.

3/6 Refunds

- Refunds are possible only from sketch to coloring phase.

- "Paying for an item or service." Paypal category takes a fee which is subtracted from the refund.

- I will return up to 75% of the price paid, depending on the progress. I have full right to decide on that.

- Refunds are not possible after coloring phase is completed.

4/6 Art Usage

- After art is finnished, I will provide two versions of the art, personal and public.

- Personal, as name suggests, is for personal use. It's version with no watermark and full resolution.

- You are not allowed to publicly share Personal art, only among friends and such.

- Personal art will be then shared on my Patreon. This is why I'm against its public sharing.

- Public version is for public sharing. Do whatever you please with it, except removing the watermark.

- If you share my art on public site, I will ask you to link this site to its description.

- The public image is yours to post where you please, however I do like to ask that you wait until I post it publicly to sites like FA and E621.

- If you wish to order personal commission, be sure to read ADDITIONAL CONTENT tile.

- If there are multiple versions of the artwork, my prefertion is that shared publicly will only be the base version. This is further consultable and may be subject to change.

5/6 Latex & Animation

- Latex commissions are done only in shaded style and above.

- Animations can be done in any style, pricing is as following:

1) It starts with a base price of the style you choose.

2) Then every time you wish to have an animation movement, price increases by its difficulty %.

(Example of basic animation: Breathe in and out, blinking, simple movements...)

(Example of medicore animation: Cumming, jerking off, boob swinging...)

(Example of hard animation: Turn around, change of angle, excessive body movement...)

3) After this is done, the price is decided.

6/6 Turnaround time

- Below turnaround time is based on most commission I did.

- If I cannot meet the turnaround time, I will keep you notified.

- Sketch is done and shown within 1-4 bussiness days.

- Lineart is done and shown within next 2-8 business days.

- Coloring is done and shown within next 1-3 business days.

- Basic shading is done and shown within next 4-8 business days.

- Rendering is done and shown within next 1-3 weeks.

- All of this is doubled, or even trippled for animation comissions.

Kinks & Features

1/2 Kinks

- Common Kink: 5% of commission price, but minimally 5$.

(Examples: soft bdsm, paws, chubby/fat, hyper genitalia, pregnancy, soft gore, tentacles)

- Uncommon Kink: 10% of commission price, but minimally 10$.

(Examples: rough bdsm, water sports, diapers, inflation, hyper body, eggnation...)

- Extreme Kink: 50% of commission price, but minimally 25$.

(One example to rule them all: Vore)

- If your commission contains more kinks, like two Common and one Uncommon, their price counts together.

2/2 Character Designs

- If we are designing your character, the price for brainstorming and designing is 5$ added to final price.

(This most often happens when creating a reference sheet.)

- If your created character has any of special properties listed here, an extra addon is added to final price.

- Prices are shown in columns for each of my style.

                                        FLAT     |    SHADE   |      CELL                

- Wings:                        +10$       |      +15$      |      +20$                  

- Big Antlers:               +5$         |      +8$        |      +12$                   

- Taur:                             +15$       |      +25$      |      +40$                  

- Naga:                           +10$       |      +15$      |      +20$                  

- Unusual Design:      +5$         |      +8$        |      +12$                   

- Complex Design:    +10$       |      +15$      |      +20$                  

- Trans Male (Adromorph)  /  Trans Female (Gynomorph):  +5$ in all styles

(Examples of Unusual Design: marks, plenty of colours, body modifications, tattoo...)

(Examples of Complex Design: detailed marks, huge amount of colours, unique body modifications, complex tattoo...)

Additional Content

1/3 Background

- One colored background costs nothing extra.

- Drawn background is not defined in advance. Its price is decided after sketch phase.

- I can provide estimate, but that is always unreliable and subject to change. For a good quality background, you can orientate around a price for a fullbody of that style.

2/3 Extra versions

- If you wish to have more versions of the same image, here are extra costs depending on what it is.

- Prices are shown in columns for each of my style.

                                       FLAT    |    SHADE    |     CELL      |      RENDER  

- SFW (Females):        +3$        |        +5$       |       +8$       |     +10$              

- SFW (Males):             +5$        |       +8$        |      +12$       |     +15$              

- CUM Version:            +5$        |       +8$        |      +12$       |     +15$              

(SFW addon is counted every time a body is being censored. For ref sheets, this can happen more than once!)

- Bonus clothing, position & expression versions are decided based on complexity.

3/3 Personal Commissions

- If you wish your image is not shared publicly on my Furaffinity or E621, fee is equal to 15% of total commission price.

- If you wish your image is not even posted on my Patreon, fee is equal to 25% of total commission price instead.


1/7 Multiple characters

- Every other character after the first one costs 80% of the original base price.

- No sale is applied to additional costs for complex designs, extra versions etc...

(Example, second char in flat style is chubby. Their price is 36$ instead of 45$, but still with +5$ for chubby kink. Total of 41$)

2/7 Ref. sheet Bundles

Small Reference Sheet: 120 dollars total.

Front and Back view, headshot, crotch.


Front and Back view, simple clothing, SFW version.

Mid Reference Sheet: 160 dollars total.

Front and Back view, headshot, two crotches / private part area closeup, simple or mediocre clothing, SFW version.

Big Reference Sheet: 200 dollars total.

Front and Back view (different poses), lewd fullbody pose, headshot, two crotches / pricate part area closeup, Difficult clothing / Simple or Mid clothing + Underwear clothing, SFW version,

Bundles are set in stone, so no add-ons for bundles!

3/7 Returning Customers

- If you ordered an artwork from me at least once before, first commission of the month comes with a 15% discount.

- Discount is applied at the end of the price count with all of its assets.

4/7 Patreon

- Patreon at a tier of "V.I.P. Yiffer" gains 5% discount

- Returning customer at a Patreon tier of "V.I.P. Yiffer" gain 20% discount instead.

- Discount is applied at the end of the price count with all of its assets.

5/7 Artistic freedom

- If you want to save some money on a commission, you can instead offer your OC for me to draw them how I see fit.

- You are free to add input (e.g.: preferred kinks, background,), but I still have the final say.

- Work in progress updates will be less frequent and used purely for color and detail corrections.

- For this type of commission, money is paid up front before sketch phase.

- Total price of the commission is reduced by 20%, 30% instead for returning customers.

(25%/35% reduction for Patreons from category above)

6/7 MY OCs

- If your art includes any of my OC's, cost of that character is decreased by 25%

- List of my character is as following:
- Ruby: Fat ass, long red haired, bunny female.
- Lucy: Muscular, curvy, tattooed, wolf female.
- Zoe: Alternative, slim and non-matured, rastafarian, deer female.
- Nimeria: Student, thick with small breast, long braided, cat female.
- Saryn: Cute, thick, very tiny, childish, squirell female.
- Rammy: Twink, slim but thick, student, very shy, goat male.
- Corrin: Muscular, tall, charming with thick dick, teacher, lynx male.
- Alex: Chubby fat ass, long braided, naughty artist, avian male.

- I can provide any reference pictures if needed.

7/7 Black Friday

- On Black Friday, 24th of November, any of my commissions come with a 20% discount.

- Additionaly, for every 50$ you would pay for my commission, you get an additional 5% discount.

(Total discount can reach up to 50% for 300$ price for a commission)

- Discount is applied at the end of the price count with all of its assets.